LendingCrowd Review – Premium P2P Lending Platform

robo advicePeer to Peer Lending investors have another MU approved way to diversify their wealth today, as we have reviewed the LendingCrowd platform, and think it is another awesome platform to stash your cash for bank-smashing interest rate returns.

LendingCrowd has its own niche way of doing things while providing a polished service and great interest rate, focusing on selective A-B grade loans to established small and medium sized British businesses.

They also offer an ISA. Regulated by the FCA, in the 5 or so years they have been in business, they have lent in excess of £58 million from over 6,000 active investors.

We think every investor needs a P2P portfolio for the cash flow it provides, and sits nicely alongside a stocks and shares portfolio, P2P generally giving you greater cash income returns than a dividend portfolio.

Passive income streams are what set you free from work. We think adding the LendingCrowd platform to your P2P portfolio is another good shout for diversifying across platforms and holding small amounts across multiple providers.

So why does LendingCrowd make the cut, when so many other platforms out there fail to? Let’s check it out…



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