DIY Investor Magazine Issue 32


DIY Investor Magazine Issue 32



diy investing

Get Rich Slow
  • Capturing the opportunity in Asia’s dynamic smaller companies
  • Technology enablers – ‘picks and shovels’ in the technology gold rush
  • The unique opportunities in Asia’s smaller companies
  • A framework for long-term investing
  • Five charts showing the attraction of Asian equity income
  • UK shares forecast to pay lower dividends in 2022
  • Four funds we’ve bought and three we’ve sold
  • Finding value in the microverse
  • Consumer mid-caps set to benefit from a return to normality
  • Investing in developed markets (ex-US)
  • Long-term returns of the oldest trusts
  • Why small ETFs are not necessarily less liquid
  • Getting in on the act: Private markets
  • We will lose sometimes; Don’t make a habit of it


esg investing

financial education

Financial education: Part 6 – an introduction to investment options


What does an interest rate rise mean for me?

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