Grow Your Pension Through an IFISA

Below is an extract from an interview with Jatin Ondhia, CEO of Shojin Property Partners, and Gareth Bain.

Here are some tips for growing your pension by investing in property through an iSA.



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– Hi, welcome to Shojin Property Partners, with myself, Gareth Bain, and CEO Jatin Ondhia.

And we’re here today to shoot a series of questions asked by investors. – So Jatin, we get asked regularly by people that have a company pension and that they contribute towards the pension as well as the company, “How do they make it more, how do they grow it more, than it’s currently growing at the moment?”

– Gareth, one of the biggest, the most common conversations I have with people that have company pensions is around the performance of those pensions.

Most of us have seen our pensions dwindle over the years. You know we, we pay in every single month into a company pension fund.

Only to find out the pension fund isn’t performing very well. And what’s happening in the process, is you’re putting your money into this pension fund.

They’re spreading it into a whole bunch of investments. Even if those investments don’t do very well the pension fund makes, you know, makes their cut.

The pension fund managers make a very handsome return. You know they get paid very well. They have nice corporate headquarters.

But you look at your pension statement, and actually, it hasn’t done very well at all. You know, two, three, four percent. And this is really where crowdfunding comes in.

I think many many people are now getting very tired of this whole process, of putting money into a pension that doesn’t perform well.

And what crowdfunding enables you to do is invest directly into individual projects.

The returns by investing in individual projects will generally be much higher. Because you’re cutting out an entire middle section of process.

It’s clearly going to be slightly riskier. So, you wouldn’t just everything into and individual project.

– [Gareth] Um, hmmm. – But by putting it directly into individual projects you get the benefit of higher returns.

You get the benefit of choosing where the money goes. And what I love more than anything, is, well if you have a bad year, well at least, you are responsible.

You don’t, you know, the problem most people have found over the years is pension funds may not perform very well.

You’ve had nothing to do with it, but yet, you’re getting completely clobbered on your, on your returns.

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