How advisors are engaging millennials and female investors in the States


You may have read plenty of articles describing the differences between generations such as baby boomers and millennials.


But there’s one thing you may not know about the latter generation:

In just a few years, they will be set to control a record number of investible assets—about $30 trillion.

And the thing about differences among generations and between genders is that they apply to investing and wealth management relationships, too.

Take gender differences, for example. More and more of women are working, and more and more of them have assets of measurable size. But they may have different goals and different questions about investing.

Millennials may feel they don’t have enough to invest in the stock market.

That means that as an investment advisor, you need to tailor the communications you send in order to deepen your relationships.

How do you do that? This graphic can help.

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