Plum – AI powered money management and ‘savings butler’

Plum is your savvy, simple and stress-free savings butler! It helps you save money by using Artificial Intelligence.

Taking the hardship out of managing your money; save effortlessly, invest* easily and have analytics at your hand!

A quick show of how Plum works. We use Facebook messenger as a tool to save you money in a safe, easy and smart way.

Connect to Plum and it will use a super smart algorithm to save you money.

Plum saves, helps you to invest* effortlessly and even tells you how much your spending. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is allowing us to take strides to improve our lives.

Plum is focused on making the boring act of saving money an automated, seamless, background process.

We believe that financial services should work for us. So we are starting with solving savings so individuals can rely on the intelligence of Plum to save for them but can also chat to our facebook ChatBot when they want to go deeper.

This is a simple product demo of how we work, but we are always seeking to bring new ideas, features and ways to make your personal finance easier.


*As with all investments, your capital is at risk.



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