Automated Advice – Simplified Investing

Automated Advice – Simplified Investing

The next generation of automated advice – robo advice – platforms are democratising investment – making things simple, keeping costs low and delivering long term investment returns.

Muckle’s sister site, DIY Investor, allows investors to look under the bonnet of investment opportunities and asset classes and make a judgement as to whether a particular investment is in line with their attitude to risk and compatible with the rest of their portfolio.

Robo advisors assess your attitude to risk, allow you to set your financial goals and then deliver and maintain a portfolio of investments – typically ETFs – that is most likely to enable you to achieve your desired outcome.

The structure of the portfolio is managed in response to market conditions and future risks computed and assessed according to a range of potential scenarios.

This new breed is committed to honesty and transparency, so that there should be no nasty surprises should markets downturn; the objective is to encourage people to save and invest over a long time horizon and thereby take advantage of long term growth in stock markets.

Initially aimed at web-savvy millennials, early adopters of robo advice have been relatively experienced investors looking for a good return on their investments whilst keeping costs down.

Robo advice, and the new breed of micro-investing apps, are introducing a whole new generation to investing at a time when wages are squeezed, tuition fees are on the rise and the housing market is super-heated.

Muckle is passionate about engaging with savers and investors – ‘mony a mickle maks a muckle’; invest as much as you can afford, for as long as you can and you could achieve financial freedom.

Later platforms will be able to fully adapt to life stage events and changing circumstances as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes a reality.

Muckle is here it allow you to make informed decisions about the adviser you choose and to allow you to become part of the next generation of savers and investors.

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  1. Fintech is certainly en vogue at the moment and if robo-advice turns more people on to savings and investment, that has to be a positive – right?

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